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by Fab

The Pebble is new range of LCD monitors from Samsung. They look good on the surface, but is the performance good too? We clear a space on our desk, plug one in, and find out.

Watercooling is becoming more and more mainstream. With so many people making waterblocks, it’s hard to know which is the best one to buy. To help sort out this problem, we tested every single waterblock we could get our hands on...
With graphics cards getting hotter and hotter, now is a good time to buy a third party heatsink to keep it cool. ATI's stock cooler sounds like a jet plane, and Nvidia's stock cooler dosen't keep them cold enough. Does this new BAT cooler from Xilence save the day?

The Zen is the new case from Akasa. Designed to be cheap for those on a budget, while still looking good, and being highly functional. Did it work? We check it out to see how well they pulled it off.

A pair of good quality headphones is well worth investing in if you are likley to spend much time wearing them. Are these headphones from Zalman any good?
We fire up the jets on quite possibly the most powerful graphics card in existence to see if our system takes off. Can MSI and the X1900XTX take the performance crown, or does the 7900GTX leave it eating dust?
Gamers know the importance of having a decent mouse. Genius know this, and so are doing their best to push their way into the gaming mouse market. Their first attempt, the Genius Ergo 525, looks promising. We playtest it to see if its up to scratch.